July 4th, 2013

[SUBBED] Super News 2013.06.19 Kazoku Game - Crank Up

I had to say that from all crank up which I ever watched from any doramas, I paid attention a lot for this one because so interesting! All casts, not only 1 or 2 casts, but 5 casts, said really had a fun or enjoy during shooting. 4 casts said here, Kamiki on Mezamashi 2013.16.19. Ah! Sho-kun said twice because he also said on Mezamashi here. All casts looks like close each other even have different in ages LOL The storyline about family but had any suspense, mystery, so it's amazing that all casts had a fun ne ~ My thumbs up for them, also for all staff. As well as my remember, I ever watched all casts close each other in Kizarasu Cats Eyes (dorama & world series), Stand Up, HYD (include HYD 2 & The Movie)... but not all casts said had a fun there, even of course looked like had a fun.

The one who should be sitting there is father, not you, sensei ?!
What's the scary tutor you are?! Somehow you're also adorable tutor!

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