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Hello, it's me...

 Hello, it's me.... 翔くんのオトノハ

It's a longtime since wanted to write this to introduce my self. I think at the time when Vox was closed last year, even though have LJ its before. Gosh! I missed Vox! Missed my Vox's friends! It's difficult to find them on LJ since not all of them have LJ. As long as now, TypePad un-friendly for me. Beside, it turns out that Typepad didn't import all my Vox postings, such hidden postings. Some public postings weren't imported too *sigh*

hhhmmm...you really make arashi in my heart...in my head...in my life...in my pocket too *it should be for uncle Johnny thought*

each of you have differential of unique personality....characteristic...skill...but with its differential, all of you together joined in one strength to make an arashi in the world

with your friendship...with your tight bond...with your bear mutual respect...with your loving by each other...how can I suppose to not love you more, more and more...^_^... Oh guys, I just want to hug you one by one now!

it's my pleasure to be one of your sixth member. Your sixth members increase quickly within these years ne... from so many countries in the world. Nino, thank to you who wrote & read about sixth member on your letter on 24 hours 2008 *bows*. Sho-kun, thank to you who have fast thinking about who was sixth member since you & AMO didn't know about its letter before. Really thank to you, Sho-kun...who said if sixth member was ARASHI's fans *bows & hugged*  

you often make me laugh hardly with your adorable. Your ashamed has been gone thought ne. Teasing each other with no hard feeling...even...yeah...Sho-kun is the most who get teasing LOL

if I have an opportunity to know you in personality...


Be with you, Oh-chan...

I'll share thoughts about the ornamental fish that I have in the aquarium. Go for fishing together. If have being resentful...annoying...tired...I just want to sit beside you *i really need it now*. I don't need conversation. Only sit together with my head lean on your shoulder, I'm sure then I'm becoming relax. So comfortable be with you, Oh-chan. Please draw more about me! Please make figures for me! Please design accecories for me too, Oh-chan! Don't forget to bring me if you have challenge to see art exibitions in Japan or abroad. And Oh-chan, if I must to go out city or abrod for business trip, please take care my ornamental fish and......also with my turtle & cats too!

Be with you, Sho-kun...

I want to talk about the latest news in the world special economy & politic in particular. Honestly want to talk about IT, both software & hardware...but...I think you don't know it, right? LOL How about engineering? or may be technology generally?  If get some trouble at the office, definetely I'll be happy to discuss with you & give me any solutions. Let's go to Jun-kun or Nino to make some foods for us! Don't blame me if I still can cook even had twice on cooking course. If go with AMNO for doing activities at the high place or flying in the air, I think we can sit together while seeing them ^-^  At the night, I'm sure I'm so happy if lay down beside you with my head on your sexy arm while both of us reading book & hearing music :D. Let's go together to the music store to buy CDs! Let's go to the salon for cutting our hair. Let's watch match of soccer! Really appreciate if you can go with me everytime I had business trip specially to abroad. Take me too everytime you go to abroad for your NZ, Sho-kun! And let's go to overseas travel together!  

Be with you, Aiba...

I believe you always made my day everyday with your cheering up. It would be fun to talk about my own pets, cats & turtle. Of course I'll be happy if you talked about your pets too. Go to the zoo together. Touch, hugg, feed & play with animals there.  Let's go for shopping together to buy stylist clothes! You don't mind to play bowling, basket & tennis with me, right? Please take care my pets everytime I have business trip, Aiba! As long as like Oh-chan, you'll keep them carefully ne ~! Don't forget to take me when you have filming for TSD. With my pleasure, I'll invite you to join in the annual event at the my office for charity program of children. I'm sure, your youth heart will bring so many happiness for them. Nothing more happiness than see smiles on the faces of full wishes athought has been restraining in the pain, right ?

Be with you, Nino,...

Of course I want you to teach me about magic. I only knew a little magic, less than 10 types of magic *so bad ne ~*.  Actually key success for doing magic is about velocity hand, isn't it? But sometimes very difficult to me to learn it :( If I had hamburger hand like yours fufufuuuuuu ~ Haiya,it's nice if we can play piano together. Will be very nice if I play piano & you play guitar, Nino :D. Let's compete for playing games! Bring me if you go to Akibahara! Please give me suggestion how to manage weight since I'm so easy to lose weight but so easy too to get some weight *hopeless*

Be with you, Jun-kun,...

I'll ask for your help about make up & dress up. How about if we go to the salon for personal care? Medicure, pedicure, facial, scrubs? Don't forget to make me juice every morning before I go to the office, Jun-kun! So happy if you cook steak & make tiramisu *winked*. Definetely we'll have enjoy time when watch TV together ne ~. Watch dorama specially when ANOS plays roles there. If have big event at the office on in-formal theme, I want you to help for setting stage. I'm glad everytime you go home, I can reply okaeri for your tadaima...

And minna-san...
If you want me as your friend, I'll appreciate if you don't mind to comment here with your country, ichiban, & "what will you do if be with your ichiban" like me on above. But it's OK if don't do that & just only say simple words about adding as a friend.  It's OK too if you have already as my friend but want to say about "what will you do if be with your ichiban" here. I'm so happy to have so many friends to share happiness about ARASHI. It's up to you to comment on English, Japanese, French, Indonesian, Melayu or Javanese (one of traditional languages in my country).


Sixth member of ARASHI
Tazi    a.k.a   Tazi_chan
*it's not about my duo ichiban but honestly i like red & blue color as my favourite colors, not pink color*

[why i can't stop my fingers evertime i write about anything, beside seems that i really need take a breath now since having annual audit at the office making me gonna be more crazy lately on almost  2 months *sigh*. please forgive me with my long introduction ~ ]
Tags: arashi, my self

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