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[SUBBED] Oha4 Drama SP Kaibutsu-kun 2011.08.05

Believe it or not, but I always have any trouble to fix between audio & video for anyfiles that relation with Oh-chan. No goes smoothly like when did Sho-kun 's files.

Yeah ~ Definitely I agree with you, Oh-chan!
Will be enjoy to watch you Kaibutsu-kun SP so much ^0^

What the surprising points that so worth to be spread? 
Oh-chan & Becky They'll getting to marry? huwaaaaaaaa ~

Regarding with kissing scene. The funny thing is in my head now. I remembered with some episodes HnA which shown VTR member's kissing scenes. I love reactions other members while watched it. So busy with their short funny comment like "almost..almost...", "no..no..no....", "CM please..." *giggling*. Hope there's any HnA with show this Oh-chan's kissing scene as impression's short clips from the guest LOL

Then....I don't know, but honestly I'm still so strange with Becky as Oh-chan's fiance hahahaaaa ~ Not meaning that I don't like their pairing. Of course I like their chemistry. But since at the past watched Becky on the tensai with Aiba, I think she's the right person for Aiba. Both of them are cheerful person. Same when watched others Mao-chan's dorama. So strange to watch her with other actor. Very strong image of Doumyouji & Makino in my head XXDDDD

HQ File
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Type: AVI
Length: 00:01:00
Size: 15,23 Mb

MF:  Media Fire
MU: Mega Upload
Password both of MF & MU: m0nst3r

RAW provided by ANJ, original file is .mp4 & i converted into .avi
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me  ( tazi_chan )
Translated Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me tazi_chan )

Tags: dorama, oh-chan, subbed, translated

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