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[SUBBED] CM Aflac Duck+Kamisama and Sho+Aoi V2

Gyaaaa~ I uploaded these files on August 25,sadly no time to put into LJ's entry after that. Just wanted to complete all CMs Aflac series which have correlation with Kamisama no Karute. I didn't upload on the same date with [SUBBED] CM Aflac Sho+Aoi V1 15s and 30s 2011.07.15 cos no find the file with good quality at that time.

So here's [SUBBED] CM Aflac Duck+Kamisama no Karute 15s 2011.08.20

As usual, a happy family with their pets LOL. I love the way Sho-kun looked at the pets. Very cute & funny! Oh by the way, finally the cat said "aflac", since on the 2 CMs before, the duck who always said it ~

Then on [SUBBED] CM Aflac Duck Kamisama no Karute 15s 2011.08.20

So cute how the duck cried. Till dissolve in tears ~

And the funny thing was, I love these logo on the big size. The duck & the cat.


Yeah ~ Logo of the duck & the cat!! So, I think they shouldn't forget with the cat on this CM! I mean, the cat should be there too! Watched Kamisama no Karute together with the duck. Not only the duck ne. Of course I know if the duck is the main brand logo for Aflac company, but in the fact they have the cat too as logo at the bottom line since released 3 CMs Sho-kun+Aoi, on the version 1 on 15s & 30s and version 2 on 15s.

Hahaaaaaa ~ Why I'm so jealous with the cat no appear on CM of watched Kamisama version?...but truly when watched 1st, I said in my self  "why the cat not on there huh!!! it's not fair!" *Please be understanding of me because of I'm a cat lover LOL*

HQ Files
Resolution both of them : 1920 x 1080
Type both of them: AVI
Length both of them : 00:01:00
Size [SUBBED] CM Aflac Sho+Aoi: 9,07 Mb
Size [SUBBED] CM Aflac Duck+Kamisama: 8,27 Mb

Link of [SUBBED] CM Aflac Sho+Aoi V2 15s 2011.07.15
MF:  Mediafie01
MU: Megaupload01
Password: g3njr1ng

Link of [SUBBED] CM Aflac Duck Kamisama no Karute 15s 2011.08.20
MF: Mediafire02
MU: Megaupload02
Password: s3s3ngguk4n

RAW for CM Aflac Sho+Aoi provided by gyj2011 & CM Aflac Duck+Kamisama by autoxp014
Original file both of them are .mp4 & i converted into .avi
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me  ( tazi_chan )
Translated Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me tazi_chan )

1) I just re-played to watch these files. On 1st play, the picture so slow, no mix with audio. But on the 2d re-played, it's normal. Didn't know why, may be my WMP player got error? So if you got experience like me, just re-played again ne :D

2) Dear all, I've tried so hard to find fancam 
Kamisama no Karute. Sadly no found it till now. If you guys know about fancam files, please inform me. Really can't wait till DVD release. I wished there's a nice fan who recorded while watching, such as when HYD The Final, Yatterman & Gantz. Files fancam of these movies were uploaded so fast. No need 1 week after release. But Kamisama? More than 1 month & seems that no one who uploaded fancam. I know if fancam isn't allowed...but really wanted to watch soon.

Tags: movie, sho-kun, subbed, translated

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