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[SUBBED] Hey!3x 2009.04.27 Shige talked 1st experience on fishing with Oh-chan

Today is my birthday, and before go for celebrate with real ichiban & best friends, want to share it *additional info on Oct 4  of 17:52 pm because last night forget to say it hahaaaaa ~ just want to share my happiness day thought as archive on my LJ LOL* 

Another short clip about Shige who talked about his 1st time of fishing with our lovely riida. Truly Shige make me laughed hardly, not only because himself but about Oh-chan. We become more to know Oh-chan from other view point...I mean not from AMNS's vsiewpoint. Who knows if actually our riida really more adorable than we've already knewn ne ~


Oh please, Shige. Debut in fishing? D-e-b-u-t?
*how can i supposed to not laugh, Shige*
I think nobody in the world  who will say "debut" if started to do fishing as a hobby or became like to do something.

On my SUBBED] Chubaw Desu Yo 2011.05.21 Shige talked about Oh-chan, Shige said that his 1st time on fishing with Oh-chan was 25 hours, but about 30 minutes felt asleep. But here, he said 24 hours. Differ 1 hour LOL. After all, still can be said  24 hours on fishing since he felt asleep for 30 minutes ne ~0~

Finally I became know why Oh-chan fishing for 24 hours. Truly you're so adorable, Oh-chan!  You really didn't care to do it on long times even when you're with shige who was 1st time fishing at that time. By the way, it can be found out on seconds of  31.06 *no time to screen cap more now*

Oh, thanks for taking care our riida, Shige *hugged*. You're so good kouhei, you know!

Seems that Oh-chan is blessed since everybody love to take care him a lot. He is the leader, but his members, always take care him more. Remember when Oh-chan got 1st dorama of Maou again after so long time? All of members worries cos looks like that he would alone *on location*, no with his members like usually. So touched but funny with the way of their taking care for him. And, we've already knewn too that also his kouhei is taking care him. So sweet ~

I think I'll get some nervous too like you, Shige!

HQ File
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Type: AVI Length: 00:00:54
Size: 8.93 Mb

MF: Media Fire
MU: Mega Upload
Password both of MF & MU: m4nc1ng!

RAW of short clip provided by ryorukawa11 on Youtube
Translated by me (tazi_chan)
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me (tazi_chan)

Tags: oh-chan, subbed, translated

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