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[SUBBED] NZ 2008.12.22 Christiano Ronaldo

So poor that what I planned to upload just done this day ~  My favourite NZ all the time! Both of my 2 idols from different world of sport & entertainment had met. At the past when known 1st time that Sho-kun can play soccer & really get into soccer, love MU & also CR7,  I felt fly on the sky. Yappari! So many same things between him & me LOL And really fly on the sky in the end of 2008 *gosh! so long times ago* when knew that would be any NZ where he coveraged CR7 *by the way, full of happiness when finally RM changed 9 into 7. somehow 7 is identical for him although no more longer again in MU * 

Wanted to translate it but always forgot, instead did others. Remembered once inung_sense asked about this file. Then... yeah! soranarumi  has translated in Indonesian for ARASHINDO project, so with permisson from inung_sense as Mod, I did spot translator into English. Since I love to translate written-text on the screen, also I translated it *because of sometimes I'm annoying if there's some kanji which so confusing but really feel challenged to be read* 

No matter artist or common people, but as a fan definitely also will behave like a fan. Always support all idol's activities, even nervous when have a chance to met idol. That also happened with Sho-kun. He's Japanese & on the match Ganba Osaka vs MU, he should be on Ganba Osaka's side...but... so clear that he supported MU specially CR7! He's on happiness when MU won.

What happened if my idol met & interviewed my Big idol who also as his idol?
The one asked about cry in his own language because spechless & still got a nervous...
The other was confused with what his asked! 

OMG! Why all my Big Idols of RAINCR7 have sexiness body? 
If ARASHI has too... at least Jun-kun has sexy back & Sho-kun with his sexy arms ~

Agree with you, Sho-kun! CR7 is cool ~

It turns out that in Sho-kun's life, interviewed CR7 is a big successful.
Omedetou ~

While writing My Notes about Ryoko Tani *somehow I always love to add My Notes in my sub LOL*, I'm thinking that someday when Sho-kun is no more longer again on JE because getting older, I hope he'll do such as Ryoko Tani did. She had retired from judo & focus on her political career. So when Sho-kun had retired from JE, even I'm so confused till when JE boys on the JE... when reached 40 years old or ???  but I really hope that Sho-kun'll get into politic career because he's smart & very capable ~

Resolution: 640 x 480
Type: AVI
Length: 00:09:07
Size: 103,054 Mb

MF: mediafire.com
Password: crse7en

RAW: me (tazi_chan)
Written-text Translator: me (tazi_chan)
Indonesian Translator: soranarumi
Spot & English Translator: me (tazi_chan)
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me (tazi_chan)

Tags: sho-kun, subbed, translated

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