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[SUBBED] Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de SP 2012.03.27

As I said here, it's done now...even it should be done last weekend... because... timing has made me hard work but then actually hard-subbing *join RAW file & subtitle* gave me more hard work. Duration this SP is 1 hours 53 minutes and with the big file, it took about 5 hours in hard-subbing. May be because of my notebook was getting heat after being done for editing & checking, so impacted in hard-subbing which became slow... but... fans who often doing hard-subbing surely know how so annoying to do hard-subbing with long duration & big file which will take some hours. After finished, I checked... and... EEHHHH?! No sound!! Tried again with the cut version many times but still no sound. Given up and browsed internet to find other software for hard-subbing *sigh, sigh, sigh*. And then... still took about 5 hours, but no error in sound *my notebook was still on to do hard-subbing while I slept at the night*. And... I had to convert into AVI because I know mostly ARASHI fans prefer AVI than MP4 file. Gosh!!!! Don't blame me if I wanted to hit you, Kageyama!

Please   READ  MY  NOTES  CAREFULLY   in the bottom this entry if get troule to watch it ^_^
+additional info in April 25, 2012 06.27 a.m+

I'm so so with the series but love the SP since watched live streaming on the airing date *although my KH was blurry*. In the series, sometimes I still can see Sho-kun, not Kageyama. But in this SP, truly I only see Kageyama, no Sho-kun anymore. Means that, in the end Sho-kun totally in his character ne. But it's just my opinion. And I always love Keiko who great in playing role as ojousama who childish, always prided herself but also adorable baka. Overall Sho-kun & Keiko really had strong chemistry. Somehow, it reminded me with Jun-kun & Mao-chan in HYD. Domyouji's character can be said same as Reiko and Makino with Kageyama ne ^_^

Baka Inspector Kazamatsuri who always call Hosho with Hosho-kun...

Some scenes still make me laugh loudly no matter how many times I rewacthed it... such as nunchuk and on the moving back of running text in the timing of 3.28 and 01.08.07 XXDDDD. I liked the storyline which revealed in flashback groove to explore two cases and Kageyama's love story.

Of course the scenes that I love the most were all scenes of Kageyama & Reikou. Damn it! Kageyama's expressions! His loving gaze. His body language. Perhaps you fell  in love with Keiko, Sho-kun? *cough*  And my favorite scene is this. So sweet... such as the groom has been waiting her bride fitting her wedding dress hihihiiii ~ Kageyama was doki-doki while waiting Reikou and I'm doki-doki to watch Kageyama's doki-doki hahahaaaa ~ ^_^ So cute they're ne ~

So Kageyama...... please talk about what happened in Hong Kong!
By the way, than others doramas, I think NazoDi is only dorama that makes the main actor & actress must often make eye contact in a long time, not just at a glance *and.. in my country... there is a famous proverb that says "from the eyes down to the heart"*

What does it all mean, Sho-kun Kageyama?

Holding hands each other...

Hugging each other...

Get a fierce battle to protect your sweetheart...

Playing piano to her...

And... kissed by her....

Perhaps...  you really fell in love?

If Reiko don't care... I don't mind if you run after her, Kageyama....
Because if you run after her, I hope there'll be 2nd season for Nazodi series...
It's great if happened like Code Blue of Pi ne.. season 1, SP then season 2 ^_^

Ano... ne Kageyama ne...*cough*... Ano...
I'll appreciate you and say big thank you if you also say it to Sho-kun.
I'm sure that you've already knew very well that he love to drink a lot till get drunk *sigh*

And for everyone who not familiar with my sub, sometimes I using "...(words/sentences)...". This "(words/sentences)" not spoken directly, but actually have the meanings as in the "(words/sentences)". I did it just to make more clear. For example, Reiko said You were going there to work, right?.. and I put "(to report an annual report)" which has a meaning You were going there to work to report an annual report, right?

Resolution: 800 x 450
Type: AVI
Length: 01:53:34
Size: 901,310 Mb

MediaFire: MF01| MF02MF03 | MF04 | MF05 | MF06
Password: close2u
(May 2, 1012 06.22 a.m.) 4shared: SD01SD02 | SD03 | SD04 | SD05 | SD06
Password: close2u

And here's the link of song of Close To You by Carpenters which Sho-kun played it here...
(because of this SP, recently I just hear this song)
Close To You

RAW in MP4 file: KnH
Translator: me (tazi_chan)
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me (tazi_chan)

*My Notes:
I love the background song when Nakazato told a story about the painter of Matsushita. I think it's a old Japanese song. I'll appreciate if some of you know that song then inform me. Somehow I like that song hihihiii. Onegaishimasu... ==> Friday 27 April 2012 09.10 a.m: Oh yeah!! Yatta!! Finally!!! xxsweetpiexx is very kind to inform me the title of background song. Nada Sou Sou. Thank you so much *bows & hugged*. You made my day ^_^

Additional Info on 09.47 p.m.
1) Just know from arashibg that she can't watch the file.

2) Minna-san, my notebook's OS is is Windows 7 Ultimate..  and my players are WMP12 (Windows Media Player 12),  GOM 2.1.33 and Real Player 15. All my player can play this file very well. I'm sure mostly of you use any version of WMP,  so I suggest you to install Windows 7 Codec Pack (W7CP). Although your WMP is WMP10 or WMP11, as long as you've installed Windows 7 Codec Pack, it will be same such WMP12.

Additional Info on April 25, 2012 on 06.27 a.m.
1) idiocystupidity  informed that it work well on VLC player ^_^ Thanks a lot for the info *bows & hugged*. So minna-san, it's better if installed VLC player.

2) Oh i forget to tell it. When play the file, it's blank for 5 first seconds but then work well till finish. I think it's because of the software that I used for hard-subbing. I never used that software. I used it because the software that usually I used for hard-subbing got a trouble in sound.

3) For an alternative, if still can't play on your WMP after installed  W7CP, please install newest version of K-Lite Codec.

4) OMG! Now... trully I wantttttt to hit you again, Sho-kun Kageyama!!!

Additional Info on April 29, 2012 on 20.31 or 08.31 p.m.
1) csaca also informed that it can be played in VLC, eventhough still can't open in WMP or WM.

2) hvid_noire and dini_satoshi  got trouble with the size of file. After downloaded, it became 880Mb, not 901Mb. Based on my experiences, sometimes MF do a strange thing. When uploading or downloading, after finished, file size become less or more high than actual size. I think MF did a compression in size. Minna-san, please check the length of timing. This SP is about 1:53:34, so as long as the timing is still 1:53:34, less in size doesn't matter.

3) pucheax  got trouble in audio. No pictures. Only video. Minna-san, trouble in pictures or audio usually caused by codec. Please set up or re-install or upgrade with the newest codec of your player. Every player usually do an upgrade 1-3 times a year. If still trouble, please install Windows 7 codec pack for WMP users or the newest version of K-Lite codec.

4) If use Mac Apple, it can be played on QuickTime 7 player which supported by OS X Mountain Lion. I just checked it in my young sister's Mac notebook.

5) I'm sure if follow my suggestions, there's no problem anymore. Please try one by one as my suggestions... I'm also sure that you use 2-4 players, so if your player get a crash after installed codec, it means that the codec isn't compatible with your OS. But to be honest, it's sooooo rare case because usually if a codec caused a crash in one player, other player still can play. If still problem, please install WMP 12, GOM 2.1.33, Real Player 15 or VLC or QuickTime 7 for Mac users. It's better if up-grade your OS with Windows 7 Ultimate. This OS is so great! It's before I used Vista ^_^

6) OMG! Why any trouble in codec/software of player? Why I fell that I'm such become as technical service person here? It's a fate? Because I'm working in the IT company, but of course not in the service centre division XXDDDD. And if all my suggestions still make your player can't play it, I think the trouble is come from the connection when downloading, sometimes connection give us trouble too ne... so... nothing that you can do except have to download again ne, ganbatte kudasai... ^_^ Oh Sho-kun... Oh Kageyama... Now I can't say anything anymore...

Tags: dorama, sho-kun, subbed, translated

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