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[SUBBED] Super News 2012.01.26 NazoDi SP & Sho's Birthday

In the beginning of this clip, till now I have no idea why they sat side by side. Sho-kun, you didn't expect to be caught by camera, right? LOL XXDD Looked at them who holding script, probably practiced before shooting. But, was it needed to sit so close? Together in one sofa? Somehow it remembered me when they were inside in the car *only 2 of them* while break shooting. I ever watched Sho-kun practiced his scenes with his co-star in Gekidan & HnC before shooting but no sit side by side.

I also have no idea why Keiko was standing next to Sho-kun. I'm sure Super New's reporter only interviewed Sho-kun regarding his birthday. Compared at the past, Yoko was interviewed regarding his birthday during TQS shooting. At that time Sho-kun was standing next to him but a bit far after gave present, helped Yoko to hold birthday bouquet then he went away. So, Keiko? Why?

Resolution: 640 x 360
Type: AVI (converted from original of MP4)
Length: 00:02:14
Size: 14,938 Mb

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My Notes on May 16, 2012 09:53 AM:
[info]uruwashigurl informed that if doesn't have 4shared account, you can login using Facebook, Google or Twitter account as well to download the file. Arigatou ne for the info *hugs*.

RAW:  nazotoki_drama
Translator: me (tazi_chan)
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me (tazi_chan)

Tags: dorama, sho-kun, subbed, translated

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