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[SUBBED] 24 Hour TV: Mirai Kikaku of Matsumoto Jun 2012.08.26

For Mirai Kikaku, Jun-kun visited the students of Ishinomaki Yoshifumi Senior High School in disaster area of tsunami 2011 to cheer up orchestra club that would perform at Budokan. In the end, he conducted them. Than others, Jun-kun's Mirai was the best for me! So touched! No matter how many watched it, still can't stop my tears, included while did translation or subbing. I'm so proud with him! Off course I didn't say that others's Mirai not good ~

Sado Yutaka-san, a world-class conductor was so kind & strict when teached conducting-technique.
But in the Budokan, he couldn't stop to hold his tears. It's so clear that he's so proud with Jun-kun ne ~
sado terharu

I almost forget that Jun-kun have many moles on his face neck LOL.
For me, his moles on his chest just made me more sexy and handsome! *dying*

If didn't remember about what happened with the students, I'd feel very jealous because they could be so close with Jun-kun! I salute they could keep their feeling to not hysterical when did face-to-face (although so hysterical at the first meeting). How about Jun-kun? He looked like a psychologist. Very patiently listened their story although so tired. He also looked like big brother ne. Full attention. His Do-S was gone at all at that time :)

In other side, the students were so comfortable to told their stories & feelings.

I thought they were so comfortable because regarded Jun-kun as their big brother ne~ In my eyes, Jun-kun wasn't as an famous artist but truly looked like a big brother there. I'm sure after told everything, they all felt relieved & grateful to Jun-kun.

Ano, why this looks like Jun-kun was aking permission of father's his girlfriend to marry his daughter LOL
Remindered me with HYD2's scene :D

How I supposed to not hold my tears while watched Jun-kun tried so hard to not shed his tears?

I always proud when Jun-kun did conducting. He was so great! My heart always be moved ~

Well, I didn't know why but I compared him with Sho-kun when played piano in the camping & Kouhaku 2011. Of course playing piano isn't same as conducting. At that time, I was histerical & proud with Sho-kun. Specially with his performance in Kouhaku which so touched. But actually, it wasn't surprising because basically he learned piano since kid. He ever showed his skill on 1st ARASHI's concert, teached young girl, on Yamada Tarou & HnA. Because busy, he rare plays anymore. Same years later, he learned piano again & showed it in camping & Kouhaku.... and... I, with mostly fans, were so proud with him ne ~

But Jun-kun? He never did conducting before. It was the first time & just only had a liitle time to learn it from Sado-san. He had to practice hard alone. And the result? It's like what Sado-san said that Jun-kun was so great & surprised him! Right ~ Conducting is a hard thing. I also kept a close watch on Jun-kun's style when did conducting.... his eyes, expression face, moving hands & gesture. He's really so amazing! Great! That's why I'm more proud & touched to Jun-kun than Sho-kun... *gomen ne Sho-kun, it soesn't mean that I don't love you LOL*

Finally, we have to say big thanks to Rina-san, leader of orchestra club who asked Jun-kun whether he was willing to conduct them. Because of her, we can see the other skill from him. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita ^_^

*My Notes:
Even I never write on every my subbed-post but I always write on all my subbed projects that it's not allowed to re-upload or re-link into any streaming sites. Sadly, there's still any fans who break my rules. The last info I got from
janinebr (always thanks a lot for you) who so kind informed me if there's someone who break the rules. From now on, hope no-one won't break the rules anymore ~

Resolution: 704 x 397
Type: AVI
{C}{C}{C}{C}Length: 00:28:07
Size: 326,296 Mb

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 Password:   s41k0u

RAW:  aininotanrei
Translator: me (tazi_chan)
Edited, Checked, QC\TS\Encoded, Timed by me (tazi_chan)
Tags: jun-kun, subbed, translated

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