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Kazoku Ge-mu aka The Family Game (1983)

Finally Sho-kun's new dorama, Kazoku Ge-mu, will be started tonight!!!
Since it's a remake of the old movie, I watched the movie version for my reference.

I didn't expect that I would enjoy during watched it. I gave thumbs-up to Yusaku Matsuda who played role as Yoshimoto Katsu and  Ichirota Miyakawa as Numata Shigeyuki. I like their face's expression. Yoshimoto looked like a cool man, calm, but very strict. Shigeyuki, basically, is a shy person with the grimace face.

Their interactions often made me smile & laugh.
Somehow I love comedy style in Japanese movies because not shown immediately in order to be funny ~

How can I suppose to not laugh with Yoshimoto's habit? Strange habit in my opinion because often talks with his face that so close, tend to intimate LOL. Other habit, he's talking while staring very long without blinking... and it reminded me with Kageyama on NazoDi who often stared Reiko very long ^_^

Not only Yoshimoto who have strange habit.
Numata family also have strange habit, eat together along in the way of sitting in a row, not face to face.

Somehow, Yoshimoto is same as Sho-kun. Love to eat! I wonder with dorama version tonight, does Yoshimoto also love to eat? If yes, how lucky Sho-kun ne ~ He can eat a lot of meals XXDD I remembered him on The Making of NazoDi where tasted the food that was used for shooting purposes.


These scenes also reminded me with Kageyama who loves to drink tea & snacks.
This movie wasn't say clearly about coffee, tea or water mineral, but I assumed it was tea.

Read dorama version's synopsis of episode 1 on the official blog, I found some differences....

Movie version
1) Yoshimoto has a given name of Katsu
2) Shigeyuki's father has a given name of Kosuke
3) Shigeyuki's mother has a given name of Chikako
4) Yoshimoto is a student at the Jonan University.
5) Yoshimoto will get bonus 10,000 yen for every increase ranking,
which means will get 300,000 yen in total
(Shigeyuki's ranking is 9th from the bottom in his class)
6) Yoshimoto slaps Shigeyuki in Shigeyuki's room on their 2nd meeting or 1st tutorial
(on 1st meeting they haven't started yet in tutorial)
7) Yoshimoto slaps Shigeyuki 3 times during the movie
8) Shigeyuki slaps Yoshimoto (in the middle of movie)
9) Yoshimoto is expected to make Shigeyuki passed to enter Seibu High School
10) Yoshimoto's background isn't very clearly known

Dorama version:
1) Yoshimoto has a given name of Kouya
2) Shigeyuki's father has a given name of Kazushige
3) Shigeyuki's mother has a given name of Kayoko
4) Yoshimoto passed from Tokyo University *gosh!!! Tokyo University? Oh Yori fufufu*
5) Yoshimoto will get bonus 100,000 yen if Shigeyuki back to school within 1 weeks,
but Yoshimoto will make it within 5 days
6) Yoshimoto slaps Shigeyuki in the family room in the front of Numata's family
7) May be Yoshimoto will slaps Shigeyuki again, more than once, for the next episodes
8) May be Shigeyuki will slaps Yoshimoto in the next or some episode later
(really look forward to see Sho-kun's expression after slapped by Uragami LOL)
9) Yoshimoto is expected to make Shigeyuki passed to enter Shin High School
10) Seems that Yoshimoto has a dark background/dark based on dorama version's trailer

But difference is a normal thing ne. It also happened when Sho-kun played The Quiz Show II as a remake The Quis Show. There were some differences too. By the way, the movie of Kazoku Ge-mu was released in June 4, 1983... 1983 ne... Sho-kun just 1,5 years old at that time... and now, 30 years later once he achieved 31 years old, he'll plays a remake for dorama version. Ganbatte kudasai, Sho-kun ^_^

Ah! I think Uragami as Shigeyuki in dorama version is too young & short as a 3rd student of Junior High School.
May be because he's 13 years old ~

On the movie version, Shigeyuku almost the same height with Yoshimoto.


Last but not least, I can't wait to see how the relationship Sho-kun as Yoshimoto with his girlfriend.
To be honest, I wonder whether Yoshimoto will have girlfriend such on the movie version.
I can't restrain myself if this scene also exists in dorama version

Just hope dorama version will get high rating in every episode. After watched the movie version, I became understand why so many people are worried with Sho-kun's acting in the dorama version. The movie, even was an old movie, but so eye-catching in compositions. Great picture, no blur, not gloomy. The main characters of Yoshimoto & Shigeyuki were played very strong. Honestly, before watched, I really under-estimated with this movie. What could be expected from an old movie 30 years ago? But I was wrong. The storyline can be said to be slowly but then very enjoy to watch, no wonder didn't feel when the movie was over... even didn't recognize if the movie was an soooo old movie ~

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