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[Translated] Mezamashi 2013.06.19

Watched crank-up on Mezamashi, it's clear that Sho-kun and Kamiki get along well ne ~ They're really so close ~ Love to watch them. I don't know why, but for me, during shooting Kazoku-Game (behind the scene)... also on the dorama...  Sho-kun or Yoshimoto sensei looks like old brother for Kamiki or Sinichi, not sensei for Uragami aka Shigeyuki LOL Of course in my eyes, he's also old brother for Uragami. May be because of... hhmm... somehow he's eldest son in his family and acted together with 2 young men in Kazoku Game, therefore, his aura as the eldest son would come out unconsciously. In addition, Yoshimoto sensei always be in Numata family, so consciously and unconsciously, he has been like a Numata family member in there. Yoshimoto sensei looks like  the eldest son on Numata family XXDDDD

Sho-kun:  We had filming for about 3 months.

Sho-kun:  I had to say that accepted the role that changed my image,
it also turned out to be a challenge for the people around me.

I see ~ Because sometimes even no shooting-schedule, may be you're still on your character ne ~

OH My God. Look at the muscles in his neck!!!
Sho-kun:  It was really enjoyable 3 months.
Thanks a lot for your hard work, everyone ~ !!!

Ah ~ so nice Kamiki!
Kamiki:  This is the first time I felt a very pleasant atmosphere on the filming-location.

Hahahaaaa ~ It means that only on the Kazoku Game, you felt enjoyable during shooting, Kamiki? What you said just made one of the staff surprised till says "E~!?" or "What~?!". How about your other doramas? You have no feeling of enjoyable during shooting, Kamiki? But truly, watched some news about behind the scene, all people looks like enjoyable in there ne, not only player but also staff or crew.

Kamiki: It's true! It's true! It's true!

Kamiki:  Because there was only fun, so I'll feel alone when no filming anymore. 

Seems that Sho-kun tried so hard to not cry ~

Will you come back for SP? Or may be the movie, Sho-kun ?
Gosh! I missed the scene of dinner together in Numata family.

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