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[SUBBED] Super News 2013.06.19 Kazoku Game - Crank Up

I had to say that from all crank up which I ever watched from any doramas, I paid attention a lot for this one because so interesting! All casts, not only 1 or 2 casts, but 5 casts, said really had a fun or enjoy during shooting. 4 casts said here, Kamiki on Mezamashi 2013.16.19. Ah! Sho-kun said twice because he also said on Mezamashi here. All casts looks like close each other even have different in ages LOL The storyline about family but had any suspense, mystery, so it's amazing that all casts had a fun ne ~ My thumbs up for them, also for all staff. As well as my remember, I ever watched all casts close each other in Kizarasu Cats Eyes (dorama & world series), Stand Up, HYD (include HYD 2 & The Movie)... but not all casts said had a fun there, even of course looked like had a fun.

The one who should be sitting there is father, not you, sensei ?!
What's the scary tutor you are?! Somehow you're also adorable tutor!

You often sing some lyrics from any songs,
when you sing some lyrics from ARASHI's songs, sensei?!

After watched episode 1, I wonder why I becomes like you, Kamiki ~
Also wonder why like your soft voice when you said your feeling here ~

Not only you, Sho-kun! But while watching KG,
I also had feeling that you're not tutor but eldest son of Numata family.

What a "baka father"!
No wonder if he got a fired for embezzlement LOL

Who's ARASHI member who borrowed DVD The Movie of Kazoku Game,
but haven't returned it till
Sho-kun want to take the late fees?


Who's the cast who came to the shooting location even no have shooting schedule?
Who's the cast who said to look forward to the sequel ?

Kamiki said felt alone after shooting is finished, but who's the other cast who also said the same thing?

All those things can be known on this Super News. Gosh! I bet there will be the sequel or SP ,... because even mystery what Yoshimoto did to Numata family has been known, but the final episode got the highest rating and one cast said to look forward to the sequel. In drama, it's so rare to find out even only one cast said to look forward to the sequel, right?

Anoooo... I would like to appreciate for you who help me to upload or mirror into any hosting files such Mediafire. I have no time a lot within these 2 months till one month later since having annual audit at the office. That's why this time I got help a lot from miyo04_chan for timing, hardsubbing and uploading *bowed & hugged*. Thanks in advance ~ ~

HQ File
Resolution: 1280 x720
Type: AVI (I converted from MP4)
Length: 00:07:24
Size: 185,062 MB

4shared: Yoshimoto1Yoshimoto2
--> uploaded by miyo04_chan into my account (thanks a lot, miyo04_chan)
--> for everyone who no have 4shared account, you can login using Facebook, Twitter or Gmail

Mediafire: Mediafire1 | Mediafire2
--> uploaded by karinawis (thanks, really thanks a lot for your kindness, karinawis)

Mediafire: Mediafire --> uploaded by jia_kimi (wow, thanks, thanks a lot for your kindness, jia_kimi)

Password: y0sh

RAW:  kazoku_game
Translated, Edited, Checked and QC\TS\Encoded by me (tazi_chan)
 Timed and Hardsubbed by miyo04_chan   (love you so much, Miyo!)

Tags: dorama, sho-kun, subbed

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