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[SUBBED] ZIP 2013.07.01 Arashi no Wakuwaku Gakkou 2013

Among some news about ARASHI Wakuwaku, mostly the time range 0.40 - 1.50 minutes ^_^ ZIP has 2 news which so detail. The one was about 6.47 minutes & 9.51 minutes. For 6.47 minutes, it was cut from 9.51 minutes, so I decided to sub the most complete file of 9.51 minutes LOL By the way, I love ARASHI's clothes on this event. Very causal. So simple. With a loose shirt, except Jun-kun who wore t-shirts, they don't look like artists ne ~

Can't believe that Jun-kun wrote his letter 10 years ago, in order to read for 10 years later. Well, just imagine I write a letter today in order to read next year, only one year later, not 10 years later, I wasn't able to do it!!! Because may be I forget to open it next year XD

Thinking about theme of the lesson which given by each member,
Nino = suyasuya (sleeping soundly)
Oh-chan = waiwai (nosiy)
Sho-kun = charincharin (pecuniary)
Aiba = Pakupaku (eat  voraciously)
Jun-kun = chikutaku (tick-tack)

Somehow... based on their habit, I had another thought ~

Nino was very serious when taught suyasuya. But everybody know that person who love a lot to sleep is Oh-chan. No wonder I thought Oh-chan was the right person to teach suyasuya ne ~

With theme of waiwai, Oh-chan teached about rhythm. In ARASHI, Sho-kun, who the most skill in writing lyric, sometimes also make the tones or rhythm. Oh yeah! Sho-kun would be great in teaching of waiwai.

Talking about charincharin... money!!! Off course nobody who can beat Nino regard to money. Nino is money, and money is Nino LOL ^_^ On Sho-kun's teaching, he gave quiz to determine the more expensive item. Since I thought Nino would be perfect to teach charincharin, I'm sure Nino would give quiz to determine the cheapest item, not the more expensive item XD

To teach pakupaku, Aiba cooked. Though his family have restaurant, but regard to cooking, he's such Sho-kun *and me LOL*. No have skill in cooking. Nino and Jun-kun are so good in cooking. Because of I thought Nino will be prefect in pecuniary, so  Jun-kun was so right person to teach pakupaku ne ~

Aiba loves sports a lot. Same his love for kids and animals LOL At the past, Aiba loved to do any sports. Because of have any problems with his lungs, he isn't allowed to do hard sports anymore. On Chikutaku, Jun-kun asked members to run. Regarding sports and Aiba's lungs, even he was alright to run, but it would be better if Aiba who teached Chikutaku, right?

Yeah, it just my thoughts LOL And... I love Jun-kun's teaching the most. Chikutaku. Sugoi ne ~
Ah! Regard to Jun-kun's words on above screencaps, can't imagine if ARASHI broken up 10 years ago :(

HQ File
Resolution: 1280 x720
Type: AVI
Length: 00:09:51
Size: 349,596 MB

4shared: sensei1sensei2sensei3
--> uploaded by miyo04_chan into my account (big thanks to miyo04_chan)
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Password: w4ku

RAW:  clubbox
Translated, Edited, Checked and QC\TS\Encoded by me (tazi_chan)
 Timed and Hardsubbed by miyo04_chan (otsukaresamadeshita, miyo04_chan )

Tags: arashi, subbed, translated

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