tazi_chan (tazi_chan) wrote,

His eyes full of love to his love

While translated ZIP Wakuwaku last week, I couldn't stop my laugh on this part.


When Nino were teaching, Oh-chan's eyes were full of love to him.
Gosh! Our riida really loveeeeeeee him ne  ~

And some screen which I took from Asazuba news.... :D


Somehow I remember what Sho-kun said on his interview during shooting of Yamada Tarou. He said that he couldn't understand why Oh-chan and Nino always together, like a couple, no care with other members. Hahaaaaa, I understood what Sho-kun's said! He close to Aiba, but their relationship weren't same as Oh-chan and Nino.

Oh, Sho-kun! Because of Oh-chan and Nino love each other, that's why they're always together. Please look at Oh-chan's eyes, such on above screencaps, Sho-kun! See ~ Don't be jealous if Oh-chan love Nino a lot  than you, Jun-kun and  Aiba ~ I missssssss  Ohmiya SK !!!!

Tags: nino, oh-chan

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