[Translated] Mezamashi 2013.06.19

Watched crank-up on Mezamashi, it's clear that Sho-kun and Kamiki get along well ne ~ They're really so close ~ Love to watch them. I don't know why, but for me, during shooting Kazoku-Game (behind the scene)... also on the dorama...  Sho-kun or Yoshimoto sensei looks like old brother for Kamiki or Sinichi, not sensei for Uragami aka Shigeyuki LOL Of course in my eyes, he's also old brother for Uragami. May be because of... hhmm... somehow he's eldest son in his family and acted together with 2 young men in Kazoku Game, therefore, his aura as the eldest son would come out unconsciously. In addition, Yoshimoto sensei always be in Numata family, so consciously and unconsciously, he has been like a Numata family member in there. Yoshimoto sensei looks like  the eldest son on Numata family XXDDDD

Sho-kun:  We had filming for about 3 months.

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[SUBBED] Super News 2013.06.04 Kazoku Game Event

Didn't feel that last night was episode 9. It remaining 1 episode. Little by little, the puzzle has been revealed in every episode. In the end, we'll know at all in the last episode last week. Somehow, I wonder, if everything will be clear on the last episode, is there any chance for SP? But if yes, as Sho-kun said, it's good, right?

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Thank You, Sir Alex!

Within these 2 days, what's the most topic in the world which made a scene, busy & crowded? The statement of resignation from Sir Alex Ferguson (71) as MU Manager at the end of this Premier League season after 26 years in charge! I didn't expect at all since we just win our 20th Premier League 3 weeks ago, even the game hasn't over yet. He made this decision because of the family and will undergo surgery this summer. He wants to spend more time with his family, specially grandchilds.


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No flood anymore & Sho-kun's new dorama

This post is regarding with what I said here which our BMKG predictioned that 26 or 27 January will be more severe in flooding than 17 January.

Saturday, 26 January
A whole day, the weather was very cloudy. So dark. As far as m eyes could see to the sky, it looked like the clouds were dark for all areas i Jakarta. When I went to hang out in the noon, I looked at the sky with very anxious while busy in thinking for wondering when the hard rain would fall. But in the afternoon, only drizzle a bit.

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What happened with Mediafire & Google?!

Since yesterday, I get a trouble to open websites of Mediafire & Google. Tried to open at the office yesterday. Last night & this morning, tried to open in the house. And just now, tried to open while on the way... but still error... can't open! Is it only for me or others?!?! Other websites still can open such Yahoo or, of course, LJ  LOL



Hellooooo Sho-kun!
Happy Birthday!


Wow! 31 years old!  31 歳になった感想は? It means that.. be ready to get married? NOOO!!! May today be the start of your best. Best wishes to you! May success come your way... as usual. Always keep your good healthy ne ~ Have a nice birthday!

31年前の今日、翔くんのお母さんがあなたを産んでくれたことを感謝します ^_^

Oh, Ichito sensei....
Would you like to come to my city to treat the flood refugees who began to be attacked by various diseases?
Their conditions breaks my heart :(

Is This Jakarta? My Lovely City ?!?!

Recently my city no have a good weather. Everyday is rain, specially last Thursday on 17 January which made my city was so badly in floods.

Last Thursday, I woke up on 2.00 am because very loud thunder. It turned out heavy rain with thunder. In the morning, still didn't stop. I didn't know but at that time, I just decided to send message to my Big Boss that I didn't go to the office. A few minutes later, got messages from some co-workers if they also didn't go to the office because streets in front of their houses began to flood & some their houses began to flood too. Others co-workers who has being on the way to the office, trapped in flooded-streets so they went back to the home. Watched TV, it turned out that mostly area in my city hit by floods, included the main street where my office building is located. My office building is located in the area of Central Business District (CBD), streets of Thamrin & Sudirman. CBD is area where so many buildings of the offices located.

My office is so near from this this central roundabout of Bundaran HI, may be 100-200 meters ~

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Happy 30 years old, Aiba!

Today it's public holiday in my country and before go to hang out for refreshing LOL,  I just want to say...

Happy Birthday for you, Aiba!
30 years old ne...

Always be smile
Hope keep in your good healthy

All the best for you

[SUBBED] 24 Hour TV: Mirai Kikaku of Matsumoto Jun 2012.08.26

For Mirai Kikaku, Jun-kun visited the students of Ishinomaki Yoshifumi Senior High School in disaster area of tsunami 2011 to cheer up orchestra club that would perform at Budokan. In the end, he conducted them. Than others, Jun-kun's Mirai was the best for me! So touched! No matter how many watched it, still can't stop my tears, included while did translation or subbing. I'm so proud with him! Off course I didn't say that others's Mirai not good ~

Sado Yutaka-san, a world-class conductor was so kind & strict when teached conducting-technique.
But in the Budokan, he couldn't stop to hold his tears. It's so clear that he's so proud with Jun-kun ne ~
sado terharu

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